Flower Delivery in the Brighton and Hove area

We deliver flowers Monday to Friday 9am onwards unless otherwise stated.

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday deliveries - Morning only.


If you need same day delivery, call us on 01273 621229 before 11am and we may be able to help you.

Flower Delivery Charges

We Deliver flowers to Brighton and Hove areas BN1, BN2, BN3, BN10, BN41, BN42, BN43, BN88.

£5.95 per address

WANT TO COLLECT?  There is nearby on-street parking in St James St and the roads off of it e.g. Steine Gardens & St James Ave.  Alternatively and totally at your own discretion/risk, you can pull up directly at the side of the shop (Wentworth St) or at the very top of Margaret St (off the seafront road ) for a couple of minutes while you collect your flowers. Traffic Wardens DO patrol the area and we take no responsibility if you choose to park illegally.